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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Karaoke in Japan

In Japan, it is not common for young people to hang out at each other's houses. Young adults usually go out somewhere if they want to hang out. One of the most common places for people to hang out at are karaoke venues. Karaoke is not only a way to socialize but it is a way to experience night life without the bar hopping or club going.

Karaoke has everything you need. It has food, drinks, and good times.

The screen for a Japanese song at karaoke.

Of course you're in Japan so there are Japanese songs.

If you know Japanese or have a song from an anime or drama you already memorized then you're good to go.
If you are like me and know what the song is supposed to sound like and know hiragana, then you're also good to go.
If you don't know any Japanese songs or how to read Japanese, don't panic, there are English songs available to pick from. So you are also good to go! You can go back to the 80's or choose a more modern song. They'll have it.

My friend Kaji picking a song from the electronic menu.

When you first get to the karaoke venue you'll pay for your karaoke time (meaning you pay for hours). I found two hours to be sufficient enough. After you pay, the attendant will bring you to a karaoke room that is just for your group. Feeling thirsty? There's a button on the wall for you to press to call an attendant to take your order. Get the party started by grabbing the electronic menu to select the first song. The song will pop onto the monitor and you can begin singing into the mic that's provided in the room. Time goes by fast when you're having fun so make sure you're using the time wisely.

Hope you get the chance to experience karaoke in Japan. It's very fun and a great way to get out the house or hotel.

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