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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Japan Crate Review

I've recently obtained a Japan Crate. I got it as a birthday present from a friend. For those of you who don't know what a Japan Crate is, it's a subscription box of Japanese candy and snacks that's delivered to your house every month. It's candy that comes straight from Japan. There are three sizes to the Japan Crate. I got the premium box which is the biggest and comes with the most items. At first I was super excited about it because I'd get to relive Japan from the comfort of my home. That statement is half true and half false. Let me explain within the review.

When I opened the box I was blown away by all the colors and cute packaging. I felt the nostalgia when I saw Japanese writing on the wrappers. My friend and I made a video review, so we opened each individual candy. We took turns choosing a candy to open. The first few were great, but then it got worse. Not worse as in it all tasted bad but worse in the sense that I got bored with it towards the end.

There are several reasons why I got bored with it. My first problem was there seemed to be way more gum products than actual candy. If you're a big candy flavored gum person then you're good to go in getting a Japan Crate. The second problem I had was that there was only three things that I genuinely liked in the Japan Crate: the Banana Cream Chocolate flavored Pocky, the Ramune drink, and the chocolate bar that had a card of a dog in it. Everything else I could've done without. The third and final problem was the snacks that were bizarre. I understand the purpose of them being there as a wow factor and as a fun to try thing, but it ends up being a waste of space in the long run. There were two candies that I considered gag candy: the Big Bar Z that tasted like a popcorn churro and the soy sauce mochi bar. The sadder part about those two candies is that they're both part of the mini box which only contained five items total! I was lucky that my friends got me the premium box, but what about those people that subscribed to the mini box? I just didn't find the snacks to be well rounded.

My overall recommendation is to definitely buy a box first before subscribing to the Japan Crate service. I feel the once a month subscription service is not worth it due to the fact that it's a lot of candy at once if you don't space it out and you simple don't get what you want. My friends told me he spent about $30 for the premium box. I feel that was way over priced. I rather go to my local Asian Market and buy exactly what I want when I want it.

That's my review of the Japan Crate. I'll be doing more crate/box reviews occasionally since I'm doing video reviews for an organization I'm involved in called Awesome Geeks. I run the Japan and anime section of the organization, along with the business aspect of it. I'll put the video link in later when I have the YouTube link up. Hope this was interesting and helpful for you.

See you next time!