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Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to Beat the Heat in Japan

Summer time in New Orleans is excruciating. It's so hot, sometimes it's even hot enough to make breathing difficult. Well, Japan can be just as hot during the summer. I think Japan is more tolerable than New Orleans but it's pretty close. Here's how you can stay cool in Japan during the summer.

1. Going indoors

Yep, you got it. It's that simple. If you're walking out on the street, touring the city, go indoors for a bit. Maybe stop to have a bite to eat. If you're not hungry you can check out the arcades in Japan. You'll use up some of your time in there. These places and many more will have air conditioning. Just cool off and get back to sightseeing when you feel you've had enough time in the air condition.
Enjoying a meal and playing at the arcade in Kyoto, Japan.

2. Vending machines

Cool yourself down with a refreshing beverage. You won't have to stop into a convenience store or go into a fast food chain. Just walk down streets and you'll practically find a vending machine at every corner. These vending machines have a wide range of options so you'll definitely find something you like. You don't even have to get a drink. Some of these vending machines contain ice cream. But back to the drinks. I recommend C.C. Lemon (a carbonated lemonade) and Mitsuya Cider (a cousin to Sprite). These are my go to vending machine drinks.
A drink and ice cream vending machine.

3. Shaved ice

In New Orleans the summer time means snowballs. Japan has their version, and it's called shaved ice. It's very close to a snowball. They both have shredded ice in a cup and flavored syrup on top. This is a refreshing way to beat the heat in Japan. Shaved ice in Japan is a bit different, in that the syrup is not as sweet as the syrup in snowballs. You should definitely give this a try if you ever go to Japan.
Cooling off with some strawberry flavored shaved ice.
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