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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Experience Autumn Season in Japan

Japan is a place that's a great example of having all four seasons. It's mostly known for it's spring time cherry blossoms, as it is a sight to see. But another season that should not be ignored is autumn. For someone like myself who comes from a place that just has summer and winter, the autumn foliage an amazing experience. There are so many colors during the fall season in Japan that it gets to be mesmerizing. I'm just used to colors green and brown, or no leaves at all. So I'm going to give you my opinion and experience of autumn in Japan!

Let's begin with how much the scenery changes. I have been to Japan during the spring, summer and fall. During those trips I have visited some of the same places over and over again (pretty much Kyoto, as I consider it my second home). A great example of this is Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan. My first time seeing the castle was in the summer, with all the lush greens and summer flowers. It was very beautiful and I actually thought that was all it had to offer. I went back with my husband in the spring and was pleasantly surprised by how much the castle grounds change just by the changing of the seasons. So when I went back to Japan in the fall with my husband, I made it one of the goals to see if Nijo Castle would change its surroundings again. It did! All the cherry blossoms I saw previously were gone. The cherry blossom trees were bare but the other trees on the castle grounds welcomed visitors with magnificent colors. I've never seen so many warm colors in one place. It was amazing to see the bright reds, yellows and oranges. If you've never seen colors like those before out in nature, it's like magic.
Beginning of fall at Nijo Castle. This was my third time at Nijo Castle.
Now let's talk about how you should view the leaves. Many websites that have articles about the best spots to view the autumn foliage mostly talk about viewing the foliage as a whole, like in a mountainous area to look out at the colors. As looking at the autumn colors from afar is pretty, I was most impressed with seeing the leaves up close. My husband and I visited many temples and shines where viewing the autumn leaves up close was possible. My husband even asked me if the trees were real! We just couldn't believe how vivid the colors were. It was amazing to see up close. I was obsessed with the leaves. Here's some photo spamming for your viewing pleasure.
Zenkoji Temple in Nagano, Japan. I've never seen nature like this before.
Found a tree in mid-change in the Arashiyama area of Kyoto, Japan.
Even the leaves on the ground in Nagoya, Japan were stunning.
And lastly, the autumn season in Japan is great for pictures. Just like the cherry blossom season in the spring, you can get some really great pictures in the fall with you and the leaves. You will be taking many pictures while in Japan, but don't forget to throw yourself into the scene here and there. It will make your memories extra special when you are able to see yourself in the changing colors of fall.
There was a line forming to take a picture under this tree at Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan.
I think I just stared in admiration of this tree for like 15 minutes at Zenkoji Temple in Nagoya, Japan.
Came across some nice changing leaves climbing up a mountain in the Arashiyama area of Kyoto, Japan.
That's how you enjoy autumn in Japan. All these pictures were taken in mid-November for those of you trying to plan a trip to see the autumn foliage. Another thing to consider is that it will be cold during that time, so pack warm and in layers. I hope you enjoyed this topic and liked the pictures from my trip. I recommend the autumn season for anyone wanting to experience this sight.

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Thanks for reading! Until next time!