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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Top 5 Favorite Drinks in Japan

Something Japan is well known for are their drinks. Everyone knows about their famous vending machines that you can find on almost every corner.This makes grabbing a drink very quick and simple. Most vending machines will have about the same kind of drinks but you'll find a few that have drinks in them that are not as common. Not only in vending machines, but drinks can be purchased at stores and non-traditional Japanese restaurants. So it's pretty easy to get a drink in Japan, hot or cold, but they also have a great selection of various flavors. I'm always surprised by all the flavors they come up with and what you can find. Today, I'm going to share 5 of my favorite drinks in Japan.

You can grab a drink from the vending machines on the train platforms.

1. Melon Soda

This is something only Japan has. You can get melon soda in America at a Asian Market but it won't be the same brand as the one in Japan. In Japan, melon soda is usually done by company Fanta. Melon soda is such a great flavor. If you like honeydew melon, then you'll love melon soda. It obviously tastes different from the actual melon that I can't describe very well. Everyone I've introduced melon soda to really likes it, so if you get the chance to try melon soda you should do it. It's my favorite drink to get in Japan and is where a lot of my money goes.
Got a melon soda float at a food stall outside of Osaka Castle.

2. Fanta Drinks

Even though melon soda is a Fanta drink, this is for all the other Fanta flavors. Fanta is pretty big in Japan. You can find Fanta drink in the store and even in the vending machines. They come in many different flavors. I know America has your basic flavors, and then they're recently came out with other flavors too. Japan has more flavors that America doesn't have though. The two flavors I like that are not in America but are in Japan are peach and pear flavor. They are bother very sweet drinks like melon soda and have a great flavor.

3. Mitsuya Cider

I remember trying this drink on a whim. I had no idea what it was and all my study abroad classmates were saying it was good. I gave it a second thought because they told me it tasted like Sprite which I'm not a fan of, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I'm so glad I did! Mitsuya Cider is like a Sprite as it has a lemon/lime flavor but it's not as harsh as a Sprite is when it comes to carbonation. That's the thing about soft drinks in Japan, they're not as harsh in carbonation as soft drinks in America. If I'm ever thirsty I know I can always grab a Mitsuya Cider anywhere in Japan. It's a very popular and well known drink.

4. Tropicana Drinks

Tropicana is a popular juice brand we have in America (not sure about other parts of the world). It's also is Japan. They have your typical flavor juices like orange and grapefruit, but Japan has these seasonal flavored juices. I've tried the spring and winter seasonal juice. They come in these classic juice boxes which is cute, but you definitely don't get a lot of drink from them so they're good for just a little thirst. Don't buy it if you're looking for a drink to actually drink for thirst. They're great for just trying out though so give it a try.

5. C.C. Lemon

This is a lemon flavored carbonated drink. It's like lemonade but harder tasting due to the carbonation. This is a great drink for waking yourself up as the harshness definitely wakes you up from the travel fatigue you'll probably have. C.C. Lemon is also a great source for a vitamin C boost, ideal for when you are sick. C.C. Lemon is another famous drink in Japan so it won't be hard to come across at a store or in the vending machines.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed my selection of drinks. You can get very thirsty in Japan pretty easily, so you'll be buying plenty of bottles. if you have any favorites please share as I'm always looking for more drinks to try.

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