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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trying Kit-Kats from Japan

As a child I always loved Kit-Kats. The chocolate had a distinct flavor than all the other chocolate candy. But then I went to Japan for the first time and my love for Kit-Kats deepened. I never knew Kit-Kats were so popular in Japan that they had more than 40 flavors existing. My goal is to eat as many different flavors of Kit-Kats as possible. I've eaten a few Kit-Kats before I started blogging: green tea, green tea sakura, pudding, sweet potato and brown rice tea. I recently went back to Japan and knew I wanted to add to my Kit-Kat experience, and I always look for flavors I know I can't get at an Asian market back home. Here are three Kit-Kats I discovered while in Japan.

Shinshu Apple

You can apparently find these in many different places in Japan but I found this pack in Nagano, Japan. My husband and I visited Nagano to see the bathing monkeys (I'll talk about that in another blog post). When walking down the mountain after spending time with the snow monkeys we decided to stop at a souvenir shop to warm up as it was very cold and rainy. We noticed that the souvenirs were themed with two things: monkeys and apples. We asked the shop clerk about the apples because we already understood about the monkeys. She told us Nagano is famous for apples and that their apples are different because they have a sweet middle that almost looks like a honeycomb. This intrigued us so we ended up buying an apple and this pack of apple flavored Kit-Kats.

Taste reveal: When you open the wrapper you can smell the apple flavor immediately. Have you ever had apples and peanut butter? Think of that but replace the peanut butter with chocolate, and that's what it tastes like. The chocolate and apple work really well together, with neither of them overtaking the other. It's a very nice balance between the two flavors. How do they do it?!?!?

Hokkaido Melon

Yep, it's light orange white chocolate. I saw the boxes for these at a lot of different places all over Japan. In Japan, they usually refer to both cantaloupe and honeydew as melon, but with honeydew melon as the main melon since Japan has melon soda at every fast food chain and konbini. But regarding Hokkaido Melon, they are talking about cantaloupe which you could probably guess from the color.

Taste Reveal: It has a very unique flavor of cantaloupe. It's a bit too strong for my taste so I can only eat a few of them in one sitting before it'll be too much for me.It is a very sweet flavor so if you typically don't like sweets this is probably not the flavor for you.

Japanese Sake

When I went to Japan in November I thought I wouldn't be seeing this flavor as I heard it was for a limited time. I found a box of them at a store in the Narita airport and knew I had to get them. I never tried actual sake before so I thought I'd try it in candy form as it'll be less harsh tasting than the original alcohol (I'm not a big fan of alcohol). The packaging is really cute. It would make a perfect souvenir.

Taste Reveal: It's a white chocolate Kit-Kat with a splash of sake taste. The smell of the sake Kit-Kat is stronger than the taste. No, it will not get you drunk. Your stomach would hurt from all the sugar you were consuming before getting drunk off of these Kit-Kats. But it's still a fun Kit-Kat to try and definitely worth the buy. 

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope to share more snacks with y'all in the future. To keep up with what I'm doing follow me on my Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. I'm always open for questions and love talking about Japan. Until next time!