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Thursday, October 13, 2016

How Much Luggage Should You Bring

There are a lot of stresses that come with traveling. One of the many things you need to consider while traveling is how much luggage is necessary to bring. There are many aspects to your travels that can determine it. How long will you be traveling? How much stuff do you need to bring back? How much moving will you be doing?

I have considered all these questions for myself, in my own travels. Some questions will weigh out more than others. I have discovered this for myself and have come to a conclusion for my next travel plans to Japan in the coming month. Many of you will think I'm crazy but I'm hoping to accomplish what I have in mind.

I'm leaving for Japan next month for two weeks. I'll be moving around through the country, not staying in one place for long (moving to 6 different locations to be exact). I will only be bring a 21" carry-on suitcase and a backpack purse.

"How is this possible?" you may be asking.

I'm a very different person, girl to be specific.

I literally own no makeup. So for women that have a huge bag just for makeup will not be able to do what I'm doing. I also don't straighten or dry my hair, so I won't be packing any hair equipment. Did you notice how just I eliminated two factors most women would travel with? I've already saved half of my suitcase from this alone.

And I'm pretty good at Tetris. "What does that have to do with packing?" Everything!
I know how to fit a bunch of things in a tiny suitcase. The key is to roll your clothes. Not only that, but being mindful of the clothes you are bringing. Men, you might have a problem with this one because I've noticed men's clothes are more bulky than women's but my clothes are made of thin material such as leggings. Also just pack one sweatshirt, and have that either tied to your waist or wear it. Not putting a bulky sweatshirt in your luggage will save you more room.

"But why do this?"

Many reasons. One reason being my accommodations. I'm staying at two hotels, one ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), and three Airbnb apartments. Apartments in Japan are typically small, at least smaller than what my American upbringing has taught me. A regular apartment size in Japan is the same as a studio apartment in America. Why would I want to try and fit a huge suitcase into a tiny apartment?

My biggest reason is accommodating others. I've explained in a previous blog Why I Love Japan that the person I want to be most follows the Japanese way of thinking. One of the aspects of Japanese culture I relate to a lot is to think about others. In my mind traveling from prefecture to prefecture with a huge suitcase on a train will be inconvenient to the other passengers. Not only that but I would have to go on buses with this stuff since cabs are just way too expensive.
In a crowded train with big luggage. Not fun.
If I was staying in Japan for a month again like I did when I studied abroad and I was staying in one location I would be fine with bringing a large suitcase. But I'm only staying for two weeks. Yes, I may fail and have to beg my husband to put stuff in his suitcase, but I'm pretty determined to get this done. I will post another blog about how it went after my trip. Wish me luck!

Thank you to those who read my blog. Hopefully I helped some of you consider about your own travel arrangements concerning luggage.

I'm super excited for my trip in two months. If you'd like to follow me on my adventures to Japan please follow me on all my social media. I'll be posting videos on Facebook and pictures on Instagram. 

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