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Monday, September 5, 2016

What You Want Out of Japan

One of the most common questions I get from people going to Japan for the first time is where should I go. This is a reasonable question that deserves a thought out answer. Sadly, some people may not be thinking of the other person when answering. Most people may immediately blurt out that they should visit Tokyo because it's such a cool place. Once again, nothing is wrong with that answer because from that person's experience Tokyo was the coolest place in Japan. But just because Tokyo was the coolest place to them doesn't mean it's going to be the coolest place to you. Many people don't understand that. Hell, I've been to Japan multiple times and still get suggests on where to go and they're not places I'm interested in going. That's why I don't like this question being asked, may people will get the wrong information and it can possibly ruin their Japan experience.

View of Osaka. Second largest city in Japan, known as the food capital of Japan.
If you ever ask this question to someone who has been to Japan please ask them why you should go to that place. If they brag about how amazing it was and how they enjoyed it please look up information about that place before planning your trip. The reason is because they are solely going off of their experience, thinking it'll be the same for you. The reality of it all is that it will not be the same for you as it was for that other person. Some circumstance may be different. That person who gave you advice could have been to a city in Japan 6 years ago. A lot can change in 6 years!!

Here's how I handle this question.

If it's a close friend that I know very well I will be glad to give them advice on their trip to Japan without hesitation. But the difference between my answer and someone else's is how we start our answers. Someone who is only thinking of themselves may start their answer like, "I think you should check out this city because..." While my answer would start off like, "You would like this city because..." Do you see the difference in answers? I'm always thinking of the other person. What good is telling a friend of mine to go to Nagano when they've told me they want to be in a big city? I'd point them into the direction of Tokyo and Osaka.

Now, for people who I'm not too familiar with who ask me where they should go in Japan I return a question back. "What do you want out of Japan?" I could tell them how amazing Kyoto is (for those you reading my blog for the first time I've studied abroad in Kyoto so it's like my second home. I will forever all Kyoto) but that won't help them. What if they have no interest in a touristy place like Kyoto? That's why I ask them that question. If I don't already know them I need to get to know them and what their interests are. When I have that information then I can help them plan their trip.
A view of Kyoto. It's a popular tourist destination with a lot to see. Kyoto is a city where old meets new.
If anybody plans to take a trip to Japan and would like some guidance please don't hesitate to ask me if you'd like. Even if we don't know each other or have never spoken that's okay. My goal is to educate people about Japan and make Japan a great experience for everybody. Just leave me message on my Facebook page Japan Therapy and I'd be happy to talk with you.

For people who have been to Japan before, please be considerate of people who haven't. I know it's hard not to get excited about Japan but you need to think of the other person. If a person asks you what your favorite place is in Japan, then you can go ramble on about the city you love dearly because they asked you for your personal opinion. But they are asking you a place you'd recommend ask them what they like about Japan. Knowing what a person likes about Japan can help you determine where they should visit in Japan.

Sorry if this came off offensive to some people but this question really does bother me. Not when I'm asked it because I know how to handle it, but when I know there are people asking others who are not being thoughtful of the person asking. I love Japan a lot and I don't want people to ruin other's trips. That's how stupid videos on YouTube about how bad Japan is made, from people being selfish.

Well, hope you enjoyed this blog. Once again, sorry if it got weird but hopefully it helped a lot of people. If you love Japan or want to learn more about Japan people follow me on here and my other social media!

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