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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fathers in Japan

That's right! It's Father's Day, and so I'll be telling you about the father's role in a Japanese household. I have previously done a blog post about mothers in Japan, so it's only right that I talk about the fathers now. As a brief recap, mothers are typically the ones who take care of the house and kids. They will make all decisions regarding these things. If you'd like to learn more about this topic you can click here to go to my blog post on mothers in Japan.

So after reading my blog post on moms you may be wondering what is left for the dads. It may sound simple to most people but it's a very important task that helps the family a lot, and that task is working a job. Yep, the dads need to work.

Japan has a different work mentality than any other country. The people take pride in their work and strive to always do better. If you asked a young Japanese person if they saw their dads a lot when they were little they'd probably tell you something like "I'd barely see him." That's completely normal in Japan. The reason for this is because of the work mentality I was talking about. It is understood that the fathers will go to work early and come home late. I remember my own father would come home at about 5 o'clock in the evening. He'd eat dinner with the family and we would all be in the living room watching the television together. In Japan, dads won't come home until about 9 o'clock at night. There are several reason for this. First, the wives except their husbands to come home at late hours. If the men come home early it is a sign that they have not worked hard enough. Second reason, after work hours are over in the office or field it is appropriate to go out drinking with your boss and coworkers. This is except of an employee and it also gives the employee a good word for himself with his boss. It is important to get good with the boss as it could possibly lead to better opportunities at work. Lastly, a father could be coming home late from work because of the work hours in general. It is common for some employees to stay at work until the boss leaves. Even if the employee has finished all their work for the day they'd look for more work to do until their boss is ready to leave. Once the boss is ready to leave the work place the employees will follow.

Father spending time with his family.
Now, even though the work life is a bit hard and keeps the fathers away from their families it's not like the children never see their dads. There are sometimes weekends off and then there are vacations and holidays. The quality time they do spend with their family is typically a good experience. They'll either stay at home and spend time together or go out. Families go out to shopping malls and museums to spend time with each other. There are even times families will go on vacation to resorts. Dads in Japan try to create memories with their families while balancing a hard and sometimes stressful job in order to supply and take care of their families.

I hope you learned a bit about Japanese dads and what they go through in order to take care of their families. It's a dad's duty to take care of their family no matter what country they are from. But with the unique Japanese work mentality Japanese dads have to work around their jobs.

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