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Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Make Japanese Potato Salad

Japanese Potato Salad

Looking for a side dish to make for a party or would just like to learn how to cook Japanese food? I'm releasing my recipe for Japanese potato salad! I had potato salad a lot when I was in Japan and always miss it. I would get it mostly at convenience stores or in bento boxes. Now I can have it whenever I want, and so can you! This is super easy.

Total cooking and preparation time: about 2 hours

Servings: about 15 to 20 people (depending on portion size)

-5 lb sack of potatoes (~13 potatoes)
            *Don't not use red potatoes. The consistency and taste will differ.
-1 cucumber
-3 oz bag of baby carrots
-1 white onion
-30 fl oz jar of mayonnaise
-chicken flavor granules 

-Wash off all the potatoes in warm water.
-Steam potatoes until a fork can stick into it without getting stuck.
-While potatoes are steaming, peal the cucumber’s skin.
-Cut the cucumber in half, long ways.
-Scoop out the seeded middle of the cucumber halves with a spoon.
-Cut the cucumber halves into ¼ inch crescent moons, and then cut those crescent moons in half.
-Chop up half of the onion into small pieces.
-Once the potatoes are done steaming, place less than half the bag of baby carrots into the pot or steamer to steam (this will take less time than the potatoes).
-Peel potatoes and place them into a big mixing bowl.
-Cut up potatoes into cubes with a big, sharp chef knife.
-Once carrots are done steaming, cut them into ½ centimeter circles.
-Pour the whole jar of mayonnaise into the mixing bowl and fold the potatoes into the mayo with a big mixing spoon.
-Pour in the chopped cucumber, onion, and carrots into the mixing bowl and fold them into the potato/mayo mixture.
-Sprinkle 2 tsps (or to your taste) of chicken flavor granules into the mixing bowl and fold it in.
-Sprinkle salt and pepper into the mixture to your liking (I sprinkled both in twice after folding it in the first time).
-Let the potato salad sit in the frig for an hour to get cold, and then it’s ready to eat.
Made Japanese potato salad for my Japanese culture club in college.
Fed a classroom of students. And some even got seconds. It's a club favorite.
Super simple, and it's healthier than a lot of other potato salads I know. If you have any specific questions about the directions or about the recipe leave a comment below.

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