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Saturday, October 17, 2015


Not a fan of taking pictures? Worried about that pimple on your chin or those dark circles under your eyes? Fear no more! Purikura is here!

Yes, in Japan there's a photo booth that can make you look as perfect as you want to be. Purikura is Japanese for print club. The reason why these photo booths are called purikura is because after you're done taking your pictures you can decorate them and print them out. There are many purikura booths to choose from that'll have different decorative themes. Many of these booths are found in game centers, or as some of you may refer to them as arcades. Purikura will have its own designated area in the game centers, so it's really easy to find. These booths can cost from 500 to 800 yen (about $5.00 to $8.00 USD). 
The inside of a purikura booth.
The first thing you need to do to start your purikura experience is to feed the machine your money. It'll collect your money and you can start using the screen inside the booth to set up your picture format and settings. It's easy to use even if you don't know Japanese so don't worry about that. Once you have settled that, you're ready to take your picture. It'll give you a few seconds to just adjust into a pose of your liking in between each shot. After all the pictures are taken you can step outside the booth to the screen outside to decorate your pictures. Decorating is probably one of the greatest things about purikura. There are digital stickers to use and a wand to write on the pictures themselves. Many people usually write their names, their relationship with the people in the picture, or an adjective to describe the moment or the picture. The options are limitless!
A friend and I decorating our pictures.
Another feature for the purikura machines are the makeup settings. You can alter your facial features however you'd like. An example is that if you don't like how small your eyes are you can make them bigger. This and many other features are great for people who are camera shy because of their looks. Now you confidently take pictures with your friends without worrying about how you look (I know I always hate the way I look in pictures). Once you're done decorating you can print the pictures out. They'll come out of the machine on a long strip of paper. You can leave the pictures as they are or you can peel the pictures and stick them onto things such as phones or notebooks.

Purikura are great to do with friends. It's something that I recommend everyone to try if they go to Japan. It's an experience you don't want to miss.

I hope you liked this post. I just love purikura booths, and Japan in general. Check out my other posts on Japan. Thank you for the support.

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